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After he got his sixth foul and ended his Game 6 early Thursday night, Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry lost his shit. A few minutes later, his wife Ayesha Curry lost hers.

Curry had three fouls by halftime, and the Cleveland Cavaliers kept picking on him. With the Warriors down 12 in the fourth quarter, Curry picked up his sixth foul when he fought LeBron James for a loose ball. He reacted by flinging his mouthguard, hitting a fan in the front row, and getting a technical. It was the first ejection of his NBA career.

The guy hit by the mouthguard didn’t know how to react. How does someone react in that situation, anyway? (His seatmate decided to point at the piece of plastic like it was the murder weapon in a game of Clue.)

The slow-mo replay is wonderful. Dude goes from taunting Steph to What the fuck was that?


After airing out the official, Curry calmed down and apologized to the mouthguard’s unexpected recipient. Steph might have been gone, but his wife Ayesha was about to let loose on Twitter.

Before Game 6 started, she was stewing. The Warriors’ families were stuck on a bus as the game neared tipoff, and Cleveland had not been friendly to the visitors:


Once her husband got escorted to the locker room, Ayesha dropped the kind of take you see in ESPN’s Twitter replies, right between “Dez caught it” and “MJ better”:


Ayesha deleted the tweet after tens of thousands of people had already retweeted it, and apologized. She followed up by saying that police at the stadium had tried to arrest her dad:


At last, the Currys—that perfect family with all the bright-eyed, smiling Instagram photos—have shown that they’re capable of being pissed off and losing it. (Someone check if Riley broke a few Duplo blocks last night.) Nothing wrong with that; everyone else in the series is, too.


Complain about the lack of close games in the Finals if you want, but the animosity has been palpable the whole time. Draymond Green punched genitals and called LeBron a bitch; Matthew Dellavedova did a sloppier version of same; Klay Thompson complained about Timofey Mozgov screening him; LeBron stuffed Steph and sneered; Harrison Barnes is angry at a wet paper bag that keeps saying it’s better than him; and God despises Kevin Love. Even basketball detritus like Iman Shumpert and Anderson Varejao are pissed at each other. Whatever the outcome of Game 7, there will be plenty of bitterness to go around.

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