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The Curse Of Mets' No-Hitters

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See that guy? That guy is Kit Pellow, a nondescript, mostly mediocre outfielder in the Seattle Mariners organization. Pellow is one of those thousands of baseball players whose name fans hear once and never hear of again.


But to Mets fans, Kit Pellow's name will always have meaning: He's the guy who broke up Tom Glavine's no-hit bid last year. (We were there. We saw it.) Mets blogging wunderkind Jason Fry looks at the Mets' inability to ever get a no-hitter in the wake of Pedro Martinez just missing last weekend through the conceit of a club consisting only of those who have broken up Mets' no-hitters.

KIT PELLOW I'm Kit Pellow, how the hell are you? I kept Met fans from ever taking a liking to Tom Glavine.

Hey. Sorry, man, I didn't know your name.

That's all right, dude — they know my name in New York!

Much laughter all around.

You may not do anything else in your career, kid, but they'll always know your name in New York. Just like they know mine, and Leron's, and Kit's, and those of all these other guys back here you ain't met yet. Now go out to the cooler in back and get us some more beers, huh?

Perez looks reluctant.

It's the rules. You're the new guy.

Don't sweat, man. I only had to do it for like two months.

The Clubhouse Of Curses [Fear and Faith In Flushing]

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