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A beleaguered Cincinnati sports fan, still reeling from Carson Palmer's knee implosion and an ugly first-round playoff exit, implores us to feel his pain by reeling off the succession of brutal injuries to befall the Queen City at the worst possible times. Witness:

• Cincinnati Bearcats forward Armein Kirkland blasts his ACL, hours after Palmer's injury, ending his college career.
• Ken Griffey Jr.'s hamstrings, knee, and shoulder
• Ki-Jana Carter's ACL, in his first preseason game after being drafted No. 1 overall.
• Tim Krumrie's leg in the Super Bowl.
• Kenyon Martin's ankle in the 1999 Conference USA tourney when UC was No. 1 in the nation
• Greg Cook, 1969 NFL Rookie of the Year, suffered a shoulder injury that forced him out of the game three years later.

When you listed it like that ... jeez. Get Chad Johnson out of there before it's too late!