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The Darkest Form Of Basketball Is This Dead Whale Clanging Off A Dumpster

Gif: Jason Schreiber (Union Leader)

The wonderful state of New Hampshire—full disclosure: I grew up in New Hampshire—has made national news this week, as the world has been captivated by the Granite State’s inability to properly dispose of a dead minke whale that washed ashore at Jenness Beach in Rye Monday. Though a juvenile, the whale’s carcass was too big for the dumpster and instead of folding in at the heaviest point, it rolled off. The video of the attempt is a macabre version of Markelle Fultz’s shot.

You might ask, Why put a dead whale in a dumpster? Well, where the hell else are you going to put it? Also, the Seacoast Science Center wanted to conduct a necropsy to see how the animal died.


From downtown!

Oh well, indeed.

[Union Leader]


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