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"I'd Always Envisioned That I'd Go At The Top Of My Game": Dave Duerson, In His Words


Author Rob Trucks interviewed Duerson in November, three months before the former Chicago Bear sent his family some text messages and fired a shotgun blast into his chest. Duerson spoke candidly about everything from his own mortality to his domestic-assault charge to his miserable first encounter with Buddy Ryan. READ »

Jason Kendall Blows Up At A Reporter, Is Kind Of An Asshole


Barry Petchesky has the uncensored version of Kendall's meltdown, wherein the angry catcher coins the memorable phrase "rewind yourself." READ »


Never Have Friends Wealthier Than You

What to do if your asshole friends won't plan a cheap outing once in a while? That, plus dinosaurs, poop, black frats, and more. It's Drew Magary's weekly Funbag. READ »



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