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The Dull Phil Mickelson

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We tend to agree with The Mighty MJD: We have a hard time getting too excited about Phil Mickelson winning the Masters. He falls in that place now that's difficult for sports fans to follow or get behind: Completely lacking in storyline. Mickelson for years was the talented guy who could never win a major, and we watched him because of that: Either he'd win one and we'd all rejoice, or he'd turn into Greg Norman. Either way, we'd get something out of it.

Now, though, he's already won a couple, so his victory yesterday seemed the way Mickelson pretty much was all along: Bland, safe, predictable, corporate, boring. He's just another dopey tan white-guy golfer with a pretty wife, a history of gambling problems and a creepy smile. It's not like Tiger Woods is all that different, mind you, but at least he has historical dominance on his side. Phil is just another golfer now. Good for him, not for us.


By the way, the AP apparently reads sports blogs.

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