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Illustration for article titled The Dumbass Who Blamed Bryan Stow For Getting Beaten Into A Coma Wants To Watch Michael Vick Blow His Knees Out

Writes dumbass John Steigerwald about Michael Vick's $100 million contract, "Here's hoping he blows out his knee on his next snap."

That insight drew 39 comments, including 11 from a "John Steigerwald." Amid the adulation that can only come from a breed of person who finds dumbass John Steigerwald's next-level, no-punches-pulled prose on Charlie Batch being underrated worth their time, he further explained:

I appreciate the sentiments. I still would like to see him blow his knee out if for no other reason than I won't have to look at him anymore. It's not like I'm consumed by it. Just something I'd enjoy.


(H/T Jeff B.)

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