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The Final Bid to Reclaim the Cup

The American Ryder Cup side maintained their two point lead over the Europeans through yesterday's afternoon session, and now only today's twelve singles matches remain. Because they currently hold the cup, the Euros will need to win seven of this afternoon's matches outright to tie the US and retain the cup. That means the Americans will need at least 5.5 points to hit the clinching number of 14.5. Captain Paul Azinger has stacked the front of the lineup with his hottest players in an attempt to put things out of reach early while Nick Faldo has opted to back-load the Euro side, finishing with his hottest player, his most experienced player, and his best player as anchors. Continue after the jump for a full breakdown of the day. 12:03 PM: Kim vs. Garcia- Perhaps the day's most intriguing match between an emerging American star, brimming with confidence, against the most dominant Ryder Cup performer since the EU joined the competition. 12:14 PM: Mahan vs. Casey- Hunter Mahan has been a point-producing machine in his first Cup while Casey filled that role for the Euros two years ago. The Americans will need this one to lock up a crucial early point. 12:25 PM: Leonard vs. Karlsson- The Texan's putter has caught fire and he's finally winning some matches (remember, the famous putt in '99 was for the halve). 12:36 PM: Mickelson vs. Rose- Another huge match early in the afternoon between the Americans' top player and a European who will not back down. 12:47 PM: Perry vs. Stenson- This is what Perry has been dreaming about for years. Hell, this is the reason he skipped the British Open. The Kentuckian wants the Ryder Cup more than anything, I just hope he doesn't put too much pressure on himself. 12:58 PM: Weekley vs. Wilson- It's the country boy against the well schooled young Brit. Soon they will have a sitcom that nobody watches. 1:09 PM: Holmes vs. Hansen- Another Kentuckian who would love to pick up a point for his country. I'd settle for the halve. 1:20 PM: Furyk vs. Jimenez- Two veterans who are loaded with experience in all sorts of competition. If the Americans get a point out of this match, they'll be in great shape. 1:31 PM: Cink vs. McDowell- The Northern Irishman is an accomplished match play performer and he has plenty of experience with southern Americans after winning the college player of the year award at UAB. 1:42 PM: Stricker vs. Poulter- Faldo's controversial captain's selection has been a dominant presence for the European squad, and a win over a strong American like Stricker would surely vindicate the captain. 1:53 PM: Curtis vs. Westwood- I really hope we build up a big lead. 2:04 PM: Campbell vs. Harrington- Seriously, it needs to be over before this match makes the turn.


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