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Grizzlies center Hamed Haddadi and his girlfriend were both charged with domestic assault early yesterday morning. Police arrested both because they had two conflicting stories. Very conflicting.


Police responded the downtown Memphis apartment to find Haddadi with scratches on his face and a head wound, and his girlfriend (*deepbreath*) Goolnaz "Asal" Karbalaeinematmoeeney "extremely intoxicated" with a cut on her temple, another on her hand, a black eye, and bruising around her neck.

Karbalaeinematmoeeney said Haddadi got upset when he saw her talking to another man, shoved her against a wall, and choked her. A witness backed up the choking part.


But Haddadi's version of events is a little more detailed:

The dispute arose after an amorous attempt went awry, with the woman falling out of the bed.

Haddadi said that prompted her to throw a soap dispenser at him, but that he deflected it back into her head, causing the laceration.

Haddadi also said that she then threw other items at him before locking herself in the bathroom. He told police he then kicked in the bathroom door out of fear that she may have been hurting herself with a knife.

David Stern doesn't look kindly on deflecting soap dispensers back at women. Memphis fans are going to miss Haddadi's 4 minutes a game for a while.

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