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The Frantic Search For The Cowboys Lap Dance Girl

The titillating yet kind of gross video caused a bit of a stir yesterday, so it was natural that the young lady's identity would become a topic of discussion. Our first clue: the oft-lifted shirt.


As pointed out by a few commenters, it's a gameday shirt for the East Carolina/NC State Game played the week before this Cowboys game. Since "no one west of Durham really cares about that game," logic dictated that she had to be from one of those schools.

Raleigh-based 96Rock morning show guys Salt And Demetri The Greek got in touch with us, putting out the call for any information about the woman. Here's their segment on it:

We were able to narrow it down further, when a "friend of the girl" sent us a message. Oddly, it's a Facebook message directly to me, when my email is right there on the page, but whatever.

I am writing with the most respect and consideration possible, and with all the hopes in the world that you will receive this message with the same thoughts. I know the young lady in the cowboys video that you posted, and I don't think you are aware of the potential damage you are causing.
She is a very smart, self respecting, modest girl that took a vacation and let her hair down, as cliche as that sounds. She cannot afford to be mocked and ridiculed and posted on the internet during a moment she not only doesn't remember but would like to forget, and this video takes away her right to do so. Please consider the girl you see in that video not as a "stripper, whore, slut, etc" or any of the other vulgar names shes been called, but see her as a young lady that had maybe a little too much fun and should be allowed to put her wild night behind her.

If I could beg on my hands and knees in front of you, I would, her future, her reputation, and her dignity all rides on how you respond to this. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


This made me feel bad; it really did. We've all done stupid shit, though most of us were lucky enough not to be filmed, or smart enough to see the camera right frigging there and not dry hump the dude anyway.

But anyway, this message came from a student at ECU, thereby answering that question. You're off the hook, Wolfpack.


Using a little Facebook sleuthing, we were able to locate the identity of the young woman in the video. From her photo, it's clearly her, and her wall postings in the hours after the video was posted definitely read like a girl who just got put on blast.

"Sick of being sick and tired of being tired."
"What's on your mind? Oh facebook you have no idea."
"At what point do you decide, I'm done trying to please everyone around me, and I'm ready to live for me. I think I've come to that point."


We're not going to name the girl, nor link to her Facebook page. She's been through enough. But we will say this in the defense of the ECU sophomore and North Carolina native: at least the dude she made cream the inside of his jeans is the one she's "In A Relationship" with on Facebook. Ah, young love.

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