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Illustration for article titled The Freeh Group Acknowledges Some Mistakes In Its Report On Penn State

It's not anything that will cause Franco Harris to race through the streets to declare vindication, nor will this bit of news lead the NCAA to reexamine the sanctions it handed down and say, "Oops!" But the Freeh Group, which had issued the devastating investigative report on Penn State's handling of the Jerry Sandusky matter, has acknowledged some factual errors.


The errors were noted in an "Errata Sheet" posted today recently on the Freeh Group's website. And Sara Ganim (who else?) noticed them today. A few typos are corrected, but there are also two significant points of fact that will certainly be relevant during the upcoming trials of Penn State's on-leave athletic director Tim Curley and former senior vice president for business and finance Gary Schultz, both of whom are charged with perjury and failure to report abuse.

  • The original Freeh report states that Curley met with Sandusky in 1998, after campus police and state child welfare authorities launched an investigation that resulted in no criminal charges. Today's correction notes that that meeting actually took place in 2001.
  • In two different instances, the original report cites an email from Wendell Courtney, the university's lawyer, to Schultz, in which it says Schultz wrote, "I was never aware that ‘Penn State police investigated inappropriate touching in a shower' in 1998." Today's correction says it was Courtney, not Schultz, who made that comment.

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