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Say, how are things going with the New York Giants?

Ah. DRC is cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. His decision to storm off the job solidifies the Giants’ wholesale transformation into the Jets, their North Jersey roommates and the outfit that long ago set the standard as the region’s cartoonishly dysfunctional professional football team. Want more? Have some more:

But wait! Hang on ...


ESPN’s Josina Anderson got DRC’s side of the story:

Wait for it ...

Sounds great. The Giants are coming off an 11-win season and had legit playoff aspirations for this year, but it’s taken just a little more than three weeks for things to go from having some issues along the offensive line to everything is Odell Beckham’s fault to everyone is injured to holy shit 0-16 is a real possibility, isn’t it? The Giants have long thrived on projecting an austere, buttoned-down, grown-up image that stands in stark contrast to the slapstick, quarterback-punching Jets. The Giants have been bad at times in recent years, if seldom quite Peak Jets Bad, but they’ve always been decorous and respectably boring about it. That’s nothing to brag about, really, but it has at least spared us an Eli Manning Buttfumble GIF to this point.

They seem to have lost that this season, along with most of their depth chart at receiver. At this rate, any day now we all ought expect a parade of elephants and a clown juggling dinner plates on a unicycle to start making its way through the streets of East Rutherford.