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The Saints and Giants disrespected the entire concept of defense in football Sunday as they combined for 101 total points in a 52-49 New Orleans win. Drew Brees threw seven passing touchdowns; Eli Manning threw six. Since only one team could win, the Giants ended up scoring the second-most points in any game on Sunday while still losing.

Objectively speaking, it was a hell of a game to watch. There were at least three touchdowns scored in each quarter, and they came in all varieties (through the air): blown coverage, slants, over-the-shoulder catches in the end zone, and one successful flea flicker involving Brees, Mark Ingram, and Willie Snead:


The game could have gone to overtime, but a last-minute penalty cost the Giants a chance. After the Saints tied it up at 49 with Brees’s seventh touchdown, Tom Coughlin gave his offense the chance to win in regulation with 36 seconds left. The offense went three and out, which would have been fine if not for what happened on the ensuing punt. Punter Brad Wing got a flag for grabbing Marcus Murphy’s facemask, and that moved the Saints from the Giants’ 47-yard line to New York’s 32. Kai Forbath made the 50-yard field goal as time expired, and all that work by the offense was for naught.

In their loss, the Giants achieved a milestone only accomplished once before. The 1963 Houston Oilers, who lost to the Raiders 52-49, were the only team to score 49 points and lose. Yesterday, the Giants joined them.

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