Outfielder Dewayne Wise is used to making athletic catches. He saved Mark Buehrle's perfect game once upon a time. But it turns out he's also pretty good at selling an obvious drop on a sensational effort. He fooled YES announcer Michael Kay, he fooled the tens of thousands of other fans who didn't participate in the coverup, and he (most importantly) fooled umpire Mike DiMuro.


Normally, when it's just an umpire doing his Incompetent Umpire Thing, we'd acknowledge the foible and be on our way. But in this case, it seems someone put a second ball in Wise's glove, and Wise sold that fan-assisted fakery to the ump. If you have any info related to this conspiracy, drop us a line and let us know what went down (other than that fly ball).

UPDATE (10:35 pm): Seems that MLB.com has identified the man in the red shirt as Vinnie Pellegrino of West Islip, New York. Not only that, but it appears that there was no second ball, that Wise emerged from the stands with an empty glove, which means Mike DiMuro should be fired immediately for gross incompetence. How do you not ask to see the ball?