The "Greatest Ultimate Frisbee Catch of All Time" (UPDATE)

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I don't see any reason to argue about that statement. Somebody find me information on this skinny guy with the bald spot laying himself out. He could be the love child of Edwin Baptiste and Tyrone Prothro. [YouTube]

Thanks to Jack G. for the I.D.: The scrappy player is Andrew Fleming, a member of the Seattle Sockeye.


Here's the link to the original clip. Also, Deadspin flying disc correspondent Kevin Collier provides some context:

This clip is from Seattle Sockeye playing Boston Ironside at Worlds this year in Prague. Worlds in Ultimate is a weird thing; several different organizations run a world tournament in staggered years. This year belongs to the World Flying Disc Federation, and they allow multiple teams from the same country to compete. This means multiple American teams go, and we dominate: four of the top five in the final standings were USA teams.

Andrew Fleming is a pretty big name in the Ultimate world. AJ called him scrappy; at 5'11 he's about average height for an elite club player but regarded as one of the faster guys in the game. He's originally from Seattle, 30, and on his eighth season with Sockeye, who a few years back had string of national championships. He ended up catching 17 scores and throwing 7 in 11 games at Worlds this year, which are decent numbers for someone on a team that balanced.

The score you saw put Sockeye up by 2 and took them to game point. They ended up beating Boston 17-15 but lost in the finals to another American team, San Francisco's Revolver.

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