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We still don't know who's telling the whole truth: the drunk kid who allegedly barged into Harold Reynolds' hotel room, or the MLB analyst. To help add detail, one former ESPN employee shares his HR experience from Disney World 1999.


Please don't use my name. I was working with ESPN in 1999 as the researcher on Baseball Tonight. It was our third year going down to Disney for shows from the ESPN club on the Boardwalk. The whole crew stayed at the Boardwalk that year. We weren't down for spring break, we were there to work.

During our week there, Harold did not mention the drunk story, so I have no idea if it is true. However, I will tell you one thing I did see. We had some time to kill before a show one night. Our green room was a suite near the ESPN club that opened onto a court yard at the Boardwalk with a quiet pool (no loud children allowed). Someone brought a wiffle ball and bat, and we went into the court yard to take turns hitting a few, in view of the pool. Harold comes walking across the courtyard in his suit (he was going
to be on air that night), and walks through the pool area. There are two young women in bikinis lounging on chaises, and Harold sits at the end of one and starts talking to them. I have no idea if they are the breakfast women, but Harold had a nice conversation with them, and impressed all of us with his 1) boldness and 2) success.

One other story from that trip. We were at MGM to shoot an opening for the show that night, backstage if you will. A woman in costume comes walking by, and Harold calls to her, "Hey Anastasia!" The woman was dressed as Megara from Hercules. She looks at Harold and says, "Wrong movie," and just
walks away (Anastasia wasn't even a Disney cartoon). A little while later she comes walking back, and Harold once again calls to her, "Hey Meg!" She just shook her head and walked on. So Harold didn't bat 1.000.


"Hey Anastasia!" is a tremendous pick-up line. But as we know, Harold just likes to be overly-friendly with any new people that he meets. Except when it's a noisy college kid banging on his door.


Tonight: I'm heading back to Newtown, PA to catch up with some old high school pals. Free shots at Friends if anyone's in the 215-968 area. Barry will be here in a little while to keep everyone safe and warm. Hey Anastasia!

Tonight's selection is a special shout-out to commenter Bobby Big Wheel for his #metalmeals contribution.

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