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Although Harold Reynolds summoned the MLB PR department to flatly deny he was ever in Disney World over Spring Break and drunkenly intruded upon by a hapless young man, other people say HR is lying. They sent along this photo.


Email from the friend:

Here's the pic with HR. XXXX is in the second row on the right with the mutilated Yankees hat and the blue shirt. We were in the girls' suite at the Boardwalk at Disney. HR stopped by to say hi and we all took a picture. Little did he know it would be on deadspin 11 years later. I think this was actually taken before we went out the night of the infamous hallway/adjoining door encounter. I don't know where Harold Reynolds gets off denying the story because it's totally true and it was hilarious. It's not like he even looks that bad in the story. XXXX is the one that looks like an asshole. But anyway the story is 100% legit. We heard all about it the next morning. I guess this at least proves that XXX and HR were in the same hotel room at some point. Hope this helps.

Maybe it does? I do see a group of young men in what appears to be a crappy Florida hotel suite with an African-American man who vaguely resembles Harold Reynolds (in a suit, no less) standing in the shot but this does not settle this at all. Plenty of weirdos roam around Disney claiming to be other people and maybe they found the one person in Orlando who decided being Harold Reynolds was a good way to befriend young college kids. Stay tuned.


Sussman will be your live-blogging dancing queen tonight again, dutifully tracking all the Stars as they foxtrot their faces off and keeping a close eye on whether Sideline Princess and Sideline Maks make out. Plus, angry young Barry will be here as well. Enjoy.


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