There’s more, of course—thumbnail characterizations of various national characters, some abrupt and expert dismissals of entire countries’ sporting dreams, completely unwarranted slander of various nations’ affordable varieties of white wine, a wary appreciation of Mexico’s collection of tough guys, Drew singing a Van Halen chorus with admirable enthusiasm, me briefly mentioning genocide, and all of us making a hard-won peace with the USMNT somehow not even making it into the field. And of course we stare into the depths of the Funbag, where we consider some soaring existential issues such as what it would like to be a taco and whether Drew would have fun being an airplane. We also return to the question of whether Donald Trump knows how to tie his shoes.


All of which is to say that it is extremely normal except for the fact one of the coolest things in sports is about to happen. Focus on that part. The dumb stuff will still be here once the cool shit is done.

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