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The baseball season gets much stranger as it narrows down in October, which is not a novel observation but is one that is already proving itself out. Before we even recorded this week’s Deadcast, a Wild Card game had been decided in the dead of night on a hit by a backup catcher who was one of the very worst hitters in all of baseball this year. In the time since I talked excitedly about the inspiring and spunky/doomed Oakland Athletics making a spunky/doomed World Series run, they ate a yard of shit against the Yankees in the Bronx and were eliminated. And that was before any of the other games discussed in this podcast even happened! You can probably imagine how valuable all the rest of our pissy and extremely wrong prognostications are, but also you don’t have to imagine it because it is literally right here:

I get some things wrong in here beyond the usual Bad Prediction shit, I should note. The Brewers did not win the World Series in 1982; in fact, they lost it in seven games to the St. Louis Cardinals. I apologize for that error, but I assure you that I plan to keep on believing that group of lumpy mustachioed disorderly bar patrons were World Series champs. I also surmised that Aaron Judge was not fully healthy because he was mostly lousy after returning from injury in September and said as much, but then he hit a ball so hard against Oakland that it made car alarms go off in Westchester County and parts of Southern Connecticut. Look, if you want good predictions or accurate statements there are a ton of websites I can recommend.


But if you want to hear Drew’s Rob Zombie imitation, if you want a discussion of what type of brewery employee Bernie Brewer would be if he were an actual brewery employee, and a frank examination of why so many pitchers are stressed-out redasses—that I know we can help with. You will also find a bit of housekeeping on why the phrase “hit in the dick-and-balls” is Deadspin house editorial style, an analysis of Sean McVay’s weird beard, and dueling Cryptkeeper imitations.

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David Roth is an editor at Deadspin.

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