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The Hockey Dad Who Recently Heckled Teenagers While Holding An Infant Fired An Employee For Tending To A Shooting Victim 10 Years Ago

Illustration for article titled The Hockey Dad Who Recently Heckled Teenagers While Holding An Infant Fired An Employee For Tending To A Shooting Victim 10 Years Ago

This past week, we brought you video of a Manitoba hockey dad who called one 15-year old player "a midget" and subsequently threatened that player's father, all while holding an infant. (Sadly, the video is private now.) Then we brought you the news that the angry hockey dad, identified as Jason Boyd, also cheered when a different 15-year old player broke his arm, and may have fake-apologized to one of the families he offended.


So is Boyd curled up at home, chastened from his brush with viral video fame? Unlikely. This isn't his first experience with universal derision. Ten years ago, Jay Leno was clowning Boyd for a different and even more egregious asshole move: Boyd and a fellow owner of Frank's Pizza in Manitoba fired a delivery driver because she stopped to assist a gunshot victim. From the Canadian Press:

Marcella McAulay has been a Good Samaritan twice in the past few months, and so far all she has to show for it is a pink slip.

"Situations like this just keep dropping in front of me," the 34-year-old single mother said yesterday from her home in Selkirk, just north of Winnipeg.

"Why me? It's not helping me this time, is it?"

McAulay opened her mail yesterday to find the severance slip she was told to expect Feb. 26, for helping a gunshot victim when her boss said she should have been on duty ready to deliver for Frank's Pizza in Selkirk.

She hadn't even left the scene of the shooting when a police officer told her that her boss had been by and it looked like she was in trouble. She was told she was being dismissed.

McAulay had worked at Frank's as a teenager and had been back part-time as a cook and driver for the past three years since returning to Selkirk from British Columbia.

"She wasn't dismissed because she was at the shooting scene," [Boyd] said. "She was away from her job for no good reason."


Single mother. Responding to the news, Leno later said on the Tonight Show, "I am not eating at Frank's Pizza in Selkirk again." Zing.

Could it be a different Jason Boyd? Nope—Frank's Pizza in Manitoba has tweeted defensively about about the angry hockey dad video in the last couple days. So this is the second time in ten years Boyd has made news across North America for being an jerk. In 2023, he'll heckle a fired employee tending to a hockey's player's broken arm while holding two infants, and BuzzYapper will make an app out of his taunts.

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