In 2001, Dajuan Wagner scored 100 points in a basketball game for Camden (NJ) High. After a season-long layover at the University of Memphis, former NBA player Milt Wagner's kid was selected sixth in the draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Things didn't really work out. He averaged 4.0 games in 2004-05, suffered ulcerative colitis to the point where his colon was removed and made a failed comeback attempt with the Golden State Warriors the next year. Today, Wagner's back in Camden watching his five-year-old son play and mulling yet-another comeback tour after knee surgery.

What Wagner has been up to the past three years seems mysterious - if not entirely simple.

He said he watches a lot of games in South Jersey and that he rarely goes out at night, preferring to bowl when he does. And he said he devotes most of his time to raising his 5-year-old son, Dajuan Jr., a spitting image of his father, with a round face, large eyes and wide smile.

Wagner is hesitant to have his son photographed for a newspaper story, saying he wants him to grow up without the burden of the athletic pressure he felt as the son of Milt Wagner, a Camden legend in his own right.

"I just don't like the attention," Wagner said. "I could never get used to it."

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