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The IOC Erases History

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Remember the women's 100m race at the Sydney games? No you don't. Because according to the IOC, it never happened.

Marion Jones had already been stripped of her five medals at the 2000 games for doping. Today the IOC gave out two of her golds to the second-place finishers, but not in the 100 meters. It becomes the first event ever in which no gold medal was awarded.

The silver medalist, Katerina Thanou of Greece, wasn't awarded the gold because she evaded drug tests at the Athens games four years later.

The IOC feels we have a strong moral and a good legal case for that," spokesman Mark Adams said. "We are not legally bound to give medals. This is a case of taking no action. We have decided not to give her (Thanou) an honor that we don't think she deserves."


Let's get this straight. Thanou was denied a gold in Sydney even though she never tested positive for anything, even though it happened at a completely different Olympic games, and even though she was already punished in Athens?

Sounds like solid reasoning to me.

IOC Withholds Jones' 100-Meter Gold From Thanou [AP]

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