The Islanders' Logo Doesn't Even Have Brooklyn On It

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When the Islanders announced their surprise move to the Barclays Center, the obvious questions was whether they would come in for a makeover, à la the Nets. They were quick to reassure their fans that the name and colors would carry over.

"In support of the illustrious history of the team, the New York Islanders name and logo will remain unchanged."

A quick geography lesson. Long Island, the island, consists of four counties: Kings (Brooklyn) and Queens, which are part of New York City, and further east, Nassau and Suffolk, which are not. Despite the term "Long Island" usually being used to refer to the suburbs, the team's name will still be geographically accurate. Presumably the logo too, which depicts the island.

Most of the island, it turns out. This is a thing I totally never noticed until just a minute ago, but the Long Island featured on the Islanders' logo does not include Brooklyn and Queens. Click on it, look at the big version, and compare it to a map. Those two peninsulas on the far northwest of the logo are Great Neck and Sands Point (better known as The Great Gatsby's fictionalized West Egg and East Egg), both of which are in Nassau County. It just sort of cuts off at the Queens-Nassau border, roughly along the Cross Island Parkway.


No Whitestone, no College Point on that map. No Rockaways, no Jamaica Bay, and certainly no Downtown Brooklyn. It's three years away, but I doubt the Islanders will move while still wearing a logo that excludes their new home altogether. Expect a minor tweak to add Brooklyn and Queens.