After picking Tim Tebow in first round of the 2010 NFL draft, the Denver Broncos have shipped him and a seventh-round pick in the upcoming draft to the Jets for their fourth- and sixth-round picks. So now it's possible to put a value on Tebowmania. Using the famous draft-value matrix that assigns a numerical value to each draft pick, we can determine roughly how far Tebow's value has dropped since that spring day in 2010.

Tebow was selected 25th overall in 2010, good for 720 points, per the chart; the seventh-round pick the Broncos sent to the Jets is worth 5.6 points or so. The two picks the Broncos are receiving are valued at 92 points in all—or 86.4 points for Tebow alone. After all that, after Tebowmania and everything, Denver is getting 12 percent of Tebow's value as the 25th pick in the 2010 draft. In other words: Today, going strictly by the draft-value matrix, Tim Tebow is the equivalent of the eighth pick in the fourth round of the NFL draft—the 104th overall selection. Which is pretty much where some people thought he should have gone in the first place.

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