The Jets Are Going To Ruin Geno Smith

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So here's the pre-camp report from ESPN New York:

The coaches are toying with the idea of turning Smith into what Tebow was supposed to be last season — a change-of-pace quarterback (assuming he doesn't win the starting job). Smith would have a package of plays, mainly read-option runs that could exploit his speed.

The Jets are the best. The best. It's almost as if they drafted Smith—as traditional a pocket passer as they come—without having any idea what to do with him. It's almost as if they have no plans for anything, and are just making this whole football thing up as they go along.

The Jets finally, finally get a potential franchise QB, and maybe he's not ready to take over in Year 1, Game 1. That happens to the best. But rather than let him learn from the sidelines, or take his lumps and learn under fire, they figure their best bet is to turn him into another Tim Tebow, because that worked out so well last year.


Rex Ryan actually raised this possibility last month:

"They didn't really run a whole lot of zone reads and different things (at West Virginia)," Ryan admitted. "But he has the skill set to where there's no reason he shouldn't be able to do that. ... Running for first downs and touchdowns, I think that's how the league is probably going to progress with these things."


The NFL season can't come soon enough.