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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Before there was the buttfumble, there was this, from 1993: Jets holder Louie Aguiar hilariously getting knocked in the head by a Roger Duffy snap on an attempted field goal. The ball was recovered by the Redskins. The play was so ridiculous, so Jetsie, that it elicited an "Oh my" from Dick Enberg when Dick Enberg wasn't handing those out every five seconds. This was just one sad play in a sad, ugly game. The Jets beat the Redskins, 3-0, their last win of the year before an inevitable collapse that sent them to 8-8, one win shy of making the playoffs. Aguiar, the Jets' punter, fared no better in this game: On six punts, he averaged 30.5 yards per. Two of his kicks were partially blocked.


So, I guess it should surprise no one that the Jets have hired Aguiar to become their assistant special teams coach. If you can't exorcise the demons, you might as well ask them to coach.

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