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The King and His $49.5 Million Castle

This probably can't be stated as fact until He says it's so during ESPN's upcoming "Real-Estate Decision" extravaganza. However, word from LeBron subjects in the Coral Gables dominion is that His Eminence has taken a liking to a castle along Biscayne Bay. What better way to support Your PR talking point that You walked away from money by walking away from Cleveland.

Notes journalistic heavy hitter Weekly Life & Style, "The property was taken off the market within hours of LeBron announcing his move to Miami," adds the insider. "It's no coincidence."

The estate faces the open waters of Biscayne Bay and is surrounded by 80 linear feet of waterfront. With three suites, all including full baths, an upstairs master suite with a full gym, a 12-camera security system, a billiards and media room, LeBron's new bachelor pad is equipped for party after party after party. And if his guests need to crash after a night out, a private guest suite with a tennis court and courtyard on its own acre of land is just another special feature.


Does this defy the rule-of-thumb stating mortgage payments should not exceed 28 percent of one's monthly salary? Hell if I know how a $49.5 million mortgage works but His monthly pre-tax salary is $1.52 million, if my 6:30 a.m. mathematics hold up.

Fun fact: In true sloppy seconds form, the eight-bedroom, 11-bathroom manse used to be Pat Riley's playground (by way of car salesman Alan Potamkin). Fun fact No. 2: Luther Campbell welcomes King James with open arms.

No word on whether Jim Gray has a dedicated area for his organ grinder and shine box, but if there's one thing that's certain, it's this: Once the Biscayne Bay blood orgies get a crack-a-lackin, Gray will be there selling his Mardi Gras knock-off masks. Same as it ever was.

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