The Lastings Milledge Ho-Down

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We've had several people ask us this morning: Hey, how about those Cardinals? Actually, a few variations on the them, a 32 Short Films About Glenn Gould type of thing.

• The Mets own you.
• The Reds caught your ass.
• Pujols is terrible and bleeds HGH out his eyes.
Tony Larussa molests kittens.


And yes, we'd rather not talk about the sweep, or the Reds, or the fact that we have to play the damned Cubs again this weekend. We can't be mad at the Mets either; they just whupped the Cardinals, because, as we think the rest of the world is finally beginning to realize, the Cardinals are just not very good.

But we still can't let a sweep go by without retribution. Therefore, here's a picture of Mets hot prospect Lastings Milledge uh ... doing something while wearing a cowboy hat. This picture looks like a sartorial collage, actually, of really bad ideas from the last 20 years. Love the art on the wall behind him, though; beautiful.


Yes: We don't handle sweeps well.

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