You may think that this is a free nation; where a man can enjoy a full day of holiday drinking and then drive home peacefully on his motorized cooler without being harrassed by the authorities. But you'd be wrong. A Whitehall, N.Y. man found that out on Memorial Day when he was pulled over while driving his Cruzin Cooler and issued a DWI.

Leslie J. "Bomber" Marr, 57, could face felony DWI and aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle charges because of prior arrests and convictions in drinking-and-driving cases, said Whitehall Police Chief Richard LaChapelle. The electricity-powered Cruzin Cooler that Marr was riding contained 14 beers, the chief said.


Because I think that the Cruzin Cooler is a great invention, I went to their official site and discovered that, yes, they do make a Cincinnati Bengals model. As if there would be any doubts on that.

But back to the story. Money quote:

Marr was also cited for operating an uninsured motor vehicle. "They tell us he's been riding around town on that cooler for years," Kortright said. "You can't cruise around on your cooler if you're intoxicated."


If he would have had Snow Man running interference as usual, they never would have caught him..

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