The Man Needs No Superpowers

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We can't thank Benjamin Hill of Minor League Ball enough for this little tidbit: We're about to get our comic book geek on with our hero among heroes.

The Memphis Redbirds, the Cardinals AAA team which happens to employ The Man Who Could Change It All, has commissioned Marvel Comics to produce a comic that features Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man and ... Rick Ankiel.

The first 1500 fans will receive the comic book sponsored by Lasting Expressions prior to the Redbirds game against Omaha. The 'Birds join the Durham Bulls and Buffalo Bisons as the only teams with a custom comic as part of the Triple-A giveaway.

"Baseball and comic books - the perfect partners; boys and girls, for generations, have spent hours reading comic books and passing countless summer hours playing baseball," Redbirds President/GM Dave Chase said. "Today's children are watching super heroes on movie screens, but the heart and soul of the big screen version is the paper and ink of comic books. Triple-A Baseball would be hard pressed to find a more perfect partner."


The perfect partners indeed. If anyone has a cover of this, please send it to us, but more to the point: We'll give a free post to anyone who grabs one of these and sends it our way. Oh, and a backrub. Oh, and eternal love. Definitely eternal love.

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