The Marlins Are Selling Tickets To Henderson Alvarez's No-Hitter

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Sunday's season finale was actually the fourth-best attended game of the year at Marlins Park. An announced crowd of 28,315 watched Henderson Alvarez complete a bizarre no-hitter that ended with him in the on-deck circle. Though the season is over, that game might turn out to be the Marlins' only sellout of the year.

The Marlins are selling the 9,100 unsold tickets for $15 a pop, capitalizing on the market for Miami fans who weren't at a game but want to pretend they were, which is the precise opposite of normal.


This is slightly less sad than 2010, when the Marlins sold unused tickets (at face value!) for the game they were perfecto'd by Roy Halladay, and included those figures in paid attendance.

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