The Mets Continue To Be Stalked By The Grim

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The Mets have been the unluckiest team in baseball, suffering a seemingly endless parade of injuries in the first few months of the season. This week, their list of problems has continued to grow, and it’s crossed the line into legitimately strange.

First, two of their top-performing players have at least minor injuries. Curtis Granderson, in the midst of a hot streak, suffered from tightness in his hip and hasn’t started a game since Saturday. While the injury didn’t stop him from hitting a pinch-hit game-tying homer on Monday, the 36-year-old bright spot in the Mets’ season still gives cause for concern.


Meanwhile, Yoenis Cespedes limped off the field after Monday’s game, tweaking a hamstring that led to him sitting out Tuesday. Cespedes already missed 37 games this year with injuries to both his left hamstring and right quad, which makes the team extra cautious about bringing him back too early.

A scarier, stranger injury occurred in the Mets’ minor-league system, as Triple-A prospect Logan Taylor suffered a concussion and went to the hospital after being hit in the head by a tire iron. Taylor was reportedly attacked by a homeless man attempting to steal his wallet in Salt Lake City. He has been placed on the DL.


In non-injury news, former Met Daniel Murphy stroked five RBI on four hits in the Mets’ 11-4 loss against the Washington Nationals this 4th of July. Happy holidays.