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Let's get caught up again with the orgy of NFL free agent activity. If you're an NFL player, and your agent couldn't work it out so you were a free agent this off-season, you should probably fire him.

The Bucs yesterday continued to corner the market on middling QBs. With Chris Simms and Bruce Gradkowski already in the mix, they signed Jeff Garcia and traded for Jake Plummer. That's going to leave one of those gentlemen in the pitiable position of being cut in favor of whatever three guys they decide to keep. I don't know if the Bucs are any better today than they were two days ago, but they've certainly upped the number of different ways in which they can lose.


Much of yesterday/today's free agent money was spent on linemen. The Chargers kept Kris Dielman, the Bengals' Eric Steinbach jumped to Cleveland, and ESPN says that Dallas is coming to terms with Leonard Davis. All of these deals, by the way, are going to equal or exceed the deal that Seattle refused to give guard Steve Hutchinson last year. What seemed like a ridiculous deal just a year ago can be had by any old starting guard this year. Go figure.

Drew Bennett was signed to a big deal by the Rams, who feel like they need more help at receiver, instead of a frivolous luxury like, oh, I dunno... defense. Travis Henry was released by the Titans. They owed him $8.3 million if he stuck around. Word is that he's talking to Denver. The Lions signed pass-rushing defensive end DeWayne White to a 5-year, $29 million deal, despite the fact that he's started five games in three years. Andre Johnson re-upped with the Texans, Terry Glenn's sticking with the Cowboys, and the Patriots are expected to sign Wes Welker to an offer sheet.

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