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The Most Famous Buzzsaw Cheerleader

So here's the best story we've heard all day, even though it's only new to us. If any of you out there, like us, religiously watch "The Office" — we even watch the repeats — you're familiar with Phyllis, the portly saleswoman who knits and is happy in love with Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration.

Well, the actress who plays Phyllis is named Phyllis Smith, and she's got a fun piece of trivia: She's a former cheerleader for The Buzzsaw That Is The Arizona St. Louis Cardinals. She was a dancer in the mid-80s, a cheerleader and burlesque performer, before she blew out her knee and became a receptionist for casting agencies. That ended up with her, by chance, being cast on "The Office" and becoming the most famous former Buzzsaw cheerleader we know. Plus, she knits.


We are told she looked somewhat different in the mid-80s. Though with the history of the Buzzsaw, we wouldn't be that surprised if she didn't.

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