The tackle at the end of that clip, at the one-yard line, to prevent a loss to the most vulnerable possible opponent the NCAA allows on the schedule, is the undisputed triumph of the Aggies' season.


123. MIAMI (OHIO) (0-8).

124. GEORGIA STATE (0-8).

125. SOUTHERN MISS (0-7). I dropped in on a couple Southern Miss message boards after Saturday's inevitable Homecoming flop against North Texas, the Eagles' second loss in a row by the exact same score, 55-14, and the mood there is as desperate as you'd expect. USM just clinched back-to-back losing seasons for the first time since the Great Depression. How is it even possible for this team to be worse than last year's? If the losing streak reaches two full seasons, will support fall too low to sustain FBS status? What kind of recruit would want to be a part of this? Should Southern Miss ditch the wasteland of Conference USA and forge a reputation as kindling for hire? Is it possible to pull the scholarship of every wide receiver on the roster? Could Nick Saban win a game with these players? Oh god, how bad is this weekend going to be against Marshall? Who is to blame for this? Everyone is to blame for this! At this point, the only remotely positive spin is that there are actually a few hundred people who still care enough about the worst team in the worst conference to go on bitching about it on the Internet, and aside from maybe the guy with the Nathan Bedford Forrest avatar, the clock is running on that.


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