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On a road trip to play the Rays, a pair of Marlins got spooked at a creaky old St. Pete hotel. One reliever heard noises and crapped himself; another refused to even step foot on the premises.

Things happen at the Vinoy Hotel. Odd things. Bad things.

The Miami New Times has a good rundown some of the incidents at the hotel, including Scott Williamson being mounted by a spectral figure, moving objects in Jay Gibbons's room, Cito Gaston's and Jim Fregosi's doors beng slammed, and the entire 2003 Pittsburgh Pirates active roster being chased out into the damp St. Petersburg night, never to return.


Do we even need to tell you it's a Marriott hotel?

I think we're willing to declare this the worst team hotel in all of MLB, unless they're still holding the Furry Convention at the Pittsburgh Westin.

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