The Mystery Behind DeShawn Stevenson's Kitchen ATM Is Solved

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Three days ago, the world was rocked by the Instagrammic revelation that one DeShawn Stevenson of the Brooklyn Nets has what appears to be an ATM in his kitchen. Now, TMZ has finally gotten to the bottom of the mystery of why anyone would possibly want an actual, dive bar-worthy ATM in his house. The short answer: MONEY.

Seems that Stevenson was inspired by skateboarder Rob Dyrdek, who had one installed during filming of his MTV reality show Rob and Big. According to TMZ, Stevenson shelled out $3,500 for the installation, charges a ridiculous $4.50 transaction fee, and refills it with $20,000 in cash a few times a year. Seems like a good move to install one in-house, especially if he's got wealthy NBA teammates stopping over on occasion before they go out for the night.


On the one hand, his friends only need to use it some 778 times to become cost-effective, outside of some nominal operational and restocking fee he has to pay. On the other, that would only happen at a clip of twice a week for 7.5 years, so if you've got friends with deep pockets who like to go out (a lot) and need cash to do so, only then is it a smart business investment.