Great story from Captain Steinberg, still exiled in Bogville, about a Nationals fan who saw 19 home games for D.C.'s awful baseball team this year โ€” and they managed to lose every single one of them.

The unlucky fan also had the good sense to ask one of his number-crunching buddies to formulate the odds on such a dubious feat. The odds of him going 0-19 this year at Nats Park were 1 in 131,204. Staggering.

Here's more math from his egghead friend:

It took into account that they were 33-48 at home this year, made up of 0-19 when you were there and 33-29 when you were not there. The odds that you would select 19 games out of 81, of which 33 would have been wins, and you picked none, that was the shocker. The other discussion is whether it was just 1 in 20,000, which would be the odds of going to 19 games of a team that wins 33/81 of their games in general, and seeing no wins. But we eventually decided that what was more impressive was that the team actually went 33-29 when you weren't there, and you just picked the wrong games



I'd actually go with "you picked the wrong team" but why split hairs?

The Nats Unluckiest Fan [SportsBog]