The NBA's Christmas Uniforms Are Actually Great This Year (For Once)

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Uni Watch has the designs for the NBA’s typically gahd-awful Christmas Day uniforms. They’re great. They’re better than like half the league’s standard unis. (The teams in red look like Coke ads.)

You should click over to Uni Watch to see all 27 of the designs; they’re all wonderful. Look at the detailing on those three up top—the piping, detailing, and necklines all take cues from the standard design with an olde-tymey script-and-cream treatment. Incidentally, there are 27 designs because Paul Lukas promised not to show the Sixers or Bucks unis, because they give away details of the new standard designs for next year, and he’s just saving the Raptors for last.


These should be year-long alternates. The design works for most teams and color schemes, but it’s exceptional on the teams that put it over Navy (Grizzlies, Pelicans, Jazz; Mavs in navy-on-cream) or a pastel, like the Warriors. And hell, would anyone be mad if the Grizzlies or Suns made these permanent?


Lukas also snuck in a little news, because the Hawks uni gives away some cues for their new design for next year, but hopefully it’s not too big of a clue, because it sucks, like the Hawks:

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