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The New York Mets Have A Furry Run-In On Road Trip

Those injury-riddled New York Bastard Mets have struggled recently, so this recent road trip could serve as a self-reflective haven for players, coaches, and media. Unless the Pittsburgh hotel they're staying in is having a furry convention.

But according to SNY field announcer Kevin Burkhardt, that's the predicament the team faced when they pulled into their hotel room in Pittsburgh and he was justifiably "freaked out." Yes, the Westin Hotel in Pittsburgh is not only hosting the Mets this week, but Anthrocon 2009, the world's largest convention for people who like to dress in animal costumes.


The Mets managed to pull out a victory against the Brewers yesterday, with a 1-0 shutout courtesy of Mike Pelfrey. But the Mets desperately need a good night's sleep, given their recent injuries and uninspired play, so it can't be any comfort to know their REM-states might be disrupted by two people dressed in badger costumes going at it in the middle of their hallway.

At least Mr. Burkhardt seems to be making the best of the situation:

"I just took a picture with a person who was dressed like Ralph Wigam as a Beaver. I will try to put this on Twitter tomorrow - oh I will try"

Of course he did.

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