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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

The New York Mets Remain Undefeated

Illustration for article titled The New York Mets Remain Undefeated

In what has to be the story of the Major League Baseball season, the New York Mets continued their undefeated streak. For the Mets, it surely is a story of redemption in a season in which most prognosticators gave them no chance to compete. Yet here they are, raking their way through the NL East. Today's victims, the Atlanta Braves, were no match for the power of Duda and Wright, or the finesse of knuckleballer R.A. Dickey. Adding to the recipe for success is new closer Frank Francisco who has a save in every appearance he's made this year.


The new look Mets find themselves atop the NL East with a half-game lead over rival Philadelphia. Ex-Met, Jose Reyes finds himself in the cellar with the all sizzle and no steak Miami Marlins. As if leading the division weren't enough, the Mets also find themselves on top of New York. Mariano Rivera is showing his age as the Yankees have dug themselves a hole and find themselves looking up at the rest of the AL East.

For embattled owner Fred Wilpon, the quick turnaround must be extra sweet. Once the butt of jokes, Wilpon looks to have the last laugh as he and general manag-
[alarm clock buzzing]


Fred Wilpon: [rubs eyes, looks at clock] Fuck.

Lucas Duda hits pair of home runs, David Wright adds another and NY Mets stay perfect with 4-2 win over Atlanta Braves [NY Daily News]

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