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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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ESPN screw-up aside, there is a wild, wild game going on in the Windy City. The Bears lead the Vikings 27-24 in the third. Chicago's D has already scored two touchdowns, and Chester Taylor stole a TD from Adrian Peterson's fantasy owners just before the half. Blocked punts and field goals are everywhere in this one. • Dalls at St. Louis: And just in case you thought Cowboys fans were being premature in worrying about their team, behold! The Rams lead 24-7 in the 3rd. Stephen Jackson has already picked himself up two TDs. Brad Johnson, on the other hand, is, um, struggling. (I'd use harsher language, but his mom might be reading). • San Diego at Buffalo: Pre-game update: Power out in Buffalo. Second quarter update: Power back on. Halftime update: Power is back out (seriously)! It's 14-13 Chargers in the 3rd (thanks to reader John for the updates). • Tennessee at Kansas City: No shocker here, Titans up 17-0 in the the third. Brodie Croyle is hurt, Damon Huard is in. As if you care.


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