Does the NFL give its players sex advice? Of course it does! This is a league that tells its players how to tuck in their uniforms, has an approximately 600-word definition of what a catch is, and has its employees sign an “integrity of the game” honor code. So why not give its players The Talk?

The NFL’s 2014 league policies for players are among the many documents filed by the NFLPA in court. The chapters range from sportsmanship, to cooperation with new media, to guidelines on players endorsing dietary and nutritional supplements. There’s also an AIDS fact sheet, which doles out some general thoughts on the sex act as well.

When a man and a woman love each other very much...


This is around the point where you start getting uncomfortable and wish Roger Goodell would let you get back to playing video games.

Can we still share a malted?


Now you know. The full fact sheet these were taken from is below.