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The Night Time Is The Right Time

It's been confirmed that David Beckham will not start tonight in his debut with the LA Galaxy, however he has indicated that he will suit up and play. The questions remaining are at what point will he enter the game, and how long will his tender pussy ankle allow him to go on. Blah blah blah. The real draw here is all of the superstars lined up on the other side of the pitch. José Mourinho brought his Chelsea players over to the States to begin training well in advance of the match. Although they received quite a bit of buzz around LA they obviously haven't drawn the media attention of Becks and Posh. Then again they haven't been posing half-naked for every photographer in town.

Then there's that other sporting event going on tonight. You know the one with legendary warrior squaring off against one of the best pound-for-pound fighters alive. Sure Winky Wright might not thrill the masses with his technical mastery, but if he he can force the Executioner back into retirement his critics might finally shut the fuck up.


Both the soccer football and the pay-per-view coverage of the fight kick off at 8:30. My advice is this, set the DVR to record the talent-filled undercard and watch the footie live. By the time Didier Drogba nets his hat trick I'll be ready to watch Hopkins' nephew Demetrius decimate another unfortunate opponent on his way to stardom. I've got my Essien jersey, a stick of celery, and and a bunch of money riding on Winky. This should be fun.

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