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You might remember the greatness that was Stop Shuler, the site that was devoted to keeping Heath Shuler out of Washington, not because of his politics, but because of his quarterbacking. Well, those guys are back, and with an even more noble target. Duck, Chargers fans.

Yep, the Stop Norv Turner movement is already in full force. They even tie it to Shuler.

One of Norv Turner's biggest blunders as coach of the Redskins was his insistence on drafting uber-bust Heath Shuler and then mismanaging the QB situation for the next three years. He would never really name a starter, and just yank Gus & Heath in and out, seemingly on a whim. Well, when Heath Shuler was running for Congress last year, I interviewed him for my last side project: Stop Shuler. He very strongly intimated that it was Norv's fault that he never lived up to expectations — starting him too soon, yanking him too quick, and generally not knowing what he was doing. I tried to get Norv's side of the story, but the 49ers PR team deflected me.


Oh, yeah: This is going to be fun. Well, unless you like the Chargers.

The Coach Is Killing Me

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