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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled The Official MLB Twitter Account Just Murdered The IKEA Monkey Meme

Goddammit, @MLB. Why did you have to do this? It's bad enough that you are already one of the worst Twitter accounts in sports, but why did you have to take a perfectly good internet meme, one that plenty of people were having fun with, and murder it with a bullshit tweet like this?


That doesn't even make any fucking sense! What does the IKEA monkey have to do with baseball? What do the Reds have to do with the IKEA monkey? How can the IKEA monkey respond to this call to the bullpen if it is not holding a phone? You can't answer any of these questions, because this is a stupid meme that you have created. A very stupid meme. It's not even original, either. This is how you do a good call-to-the-bullpen meme.

God, you are the worst.

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