The Official Who Breaks Up A Hockey Fight Will Sometimes Get Punched In the Face. Twice.

Your morning roundup for Nov. 4, the day we finally had it up to here with hugging. Video of hockey fight via Cosby Sweaters; H/T to Alicia. For an excellent GIF of Cal Clutterbuck's punch, be sure to check out West Coast Digress. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors.

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What we watched: Strange game out in San Jose late last night. The Penguins scored two goals in a little more than two minutes against the Sharks, only to lose in a shootout. Only seven total penalties were called, and four of those canceled each other out because they involved a pair of fights. The Sharks had the only power play, and they scored the only shootout goal despite six attempts from both teams. Oh, and the Penguins still haven't won in San Jose since October 1997, a span that has now reached 11 games. Hockey!


So, things are going well: "Unless the Players Association refused to go lower than a 52-48 percent revenue split with the NBA and the remaining system issues went in the union's favor, sources said there was broad agreement among the players on the call that the next step should be a serious consideration of decertifying the union and filing an antitrust suit in federal court. There also was discussion about refusing to ratify a deal brought to the players by union executive director Billy Hunter and president Derek Fisher, sources said. ‘We're beyond frustrated with the concessions that have already been made,' one source on the calls said. ‘If the union gives in on the [basketball-related income] split and the open system issues don't go to the players side, decertification may be the next step.' Thirty percent of the union members would need to sign a petition to force a vote on decertification. A majority vote could then dissolve the union." [Yahoo]

Lessons learned: "Strange how I was taking refuge in something that just a few years before felt like a noose around my neck. And it felt as if I were writing better than I ever had. I don't know how much, if any, of that I can attribute to my work for the screen, but I certainly felt more confident and more comfortable with the language. Maybe screenwriting—and the myriad smart people who did it for a livin—opened my mind to ideas that enriched my prose. Just as important, I was no longer too good to rewrite something, and not just once either. What I once would have turned in as a finished product was now being constantly rewritten, tinkered with, and buffed to a shine until I had to turn it in or miss my deadline." [Bronx Banter Blog]

Happy 25th anniversary to the 3-pointer: "In 1986, based on the research presented by Ed Steitz, the secretary-editor of the NCAA basketball rules committee, the 3-pointer was officially introduced into college basketball. Received then with all the enthusiasm of a root canal, the 3-pointer celebrates its 25th anniversary this season. What was once viewed as ‘a Mickey Mouse rule,' as Lou Carnesecca called it, is now an integral part of the game, an equalizer for mid-majors and a crowd-pleaser in lockstep with the dunk. It has been around long enough that the current generation of players has never played the game without it and even the shot's saltiest critics have found its value." [ESPN]


Your Missing Traffic Reporter Interlude:

Challenging the boobirds: "Avant, asked Sunday night whether the Eagles would maintain the same sense of desperation at 3-4 as they had at 1-4 and 2-4, said: ‘We look at home games like road games. We like to get booed by our fans.' Then he addressed fans that he believes abandoned the team when it lost four straight games after opening the season with a win. ‘We don't want people jumping on our bandwagon now,' Avant said. "We want people to go out and still talk bad about us.' Avant's remarks did not go over well with Eagles fans, who took to blogs, message boards and radio stations to complain about Avant, who is generally about as uncontroversial as imaginable. On Thursday, Avant said his remarks were misconstrued. He said he didn't intend to criticize fans, just to express how the Eagles were carrying the same sense of desperation and us-vs.-them attitude into the rest of the season despite winning their last two games." [CSN Philly]


How to score one point in a football game: "...[W]e decided to look into other possible ways a team might score 1 point in a (American) football game. It turns out there are 2 ways to do it, both rather obscure." [Thus Spiked]

The LSU-Alabama drinking game: "This game is so big that lots of people who don't ordinarily watch entire games will be watching this game. It's like college football's own version of the Super Bowl. So how can you make things better? With alcohol, of course." [Outkick the Coverage]


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