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The Ohio Valley Conference Is Getting Feisty On Twitter

The Ohio Valley Conference is having its moment. Last night Murray State won the tournament while Eastern Kentucky's Marcus Lewis won the college slam dunk contest, and tonight the conference hosts the women's Final Four in Nashville.

But some Murray State fans are upset, feeling left out after the conference's official Twitter account did not immediately congratulate the Racers on their CIT title. It's a geographical thing, with the OVC headquartered outside of Nashville and Murray State fans convinced non-Tennessee teams get the short shrift. But what made this mini-outcry more interesting is that the person or persons running the OVC Twitter account weren't about to take the criticism lying down.


Frankly, we like this scrappy new OVC. (And despise those fans who perceive every slight against their team as proof of some grand conspiratorial bias.) Fuck you, guy; The OVC will congratulate its teams when it gets around to it, and not a second sooner.

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