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The One Where A Lady Sends Us Pictures Of Her Boobs In The Hope Of Getting A Job (NSFW)

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A Desperate Young Workforce Reacts To Our Wintry Economic Climate


You See, This Man Went To Columbia So He's Smarter Than You

Dear Mr. Jackson:

I don't normally compliment blog posts, but your insightful, well-written comment on the Ines Sainz "campdick" episode merited kudos. Well done! (If it matters, I hold a master's in journalism from Columbia University [1994], so I know good writing.)



Yes, We Really Do Hate Black People

SUBJECT: Helpful Tip: Apparently You're A Racist: Pretty handy actually, now I know precisely how many black people I can make fun in a week before being considered a racist.

There are times this blogger likes Deadspin, and others where the whole blog just sucks. Today, Deadspin sucks. Why? Because in short order, the September 13th edition of the sports blog managed to mar the image of black sports legends Joe Morgan, Tony Dungy, and John Salley, all right in a row on on blog issue.

And never mind that Salley's an invited contributor, Deadspin's asking him to basically make himself look like Tiger Woods before Thanksgiving 2009.

Even if he's willing, why take advantage of him?

Yeah. John Salley is married, big time. Moreover, Salley has a history of cheating on his wife. Have doubts? Look at this result for the Google Search for "John Salley Married." What Deadspin editors did is very not funny, and shows how little regard they have for blacks in sports. The most fun this blogger would have would be either buying Deadspin and firing its staff or, just having my blog army bash it into the Internet ground. What Deadspin did was institutionally racist. The editors might as well have showed the online version of Birth Of A Nation. Will Deadspin apologize? No. Just do something stupid and snarky, if anything at all. That much is expected. I've lost all respect for Deadspin. And I don't care that they or their minions have none for me.


Joe Devanna Unleashes The Fury

SUBJECT: FJM: Hey fellas, I had a few questions about the FJM guys. When they're together do they perform some kind of nerdy circle jerk or do they just dream about sucking off people who are sucessful ? And furthermore I was interested in knowing what exactly they have on you guys ? I mean, no one would have ever heard of this site that doesnt even exist anymore if not for you guys blabbering on about it so much.


SUBJECT: Emma Carmichael

So according to Miss Carmichael the main crimes that Inez Sainz commited were being attractive and having the ability to speak Spanish ? and thusly she deserved being harrased by a group of hulking retards who probably giggle like children whenever they get to see cleavage. No offense honey but SLAM isn't exactly the sports section for the NY Times or the Daily News so maybe you shouldn't be judge and jury



Hey AJ, here's a little secret you may want to learn, Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan are already much better QB's then Michael Vick will ever be.


SUBJECT: Bill Simmons

Bill Simmons and Deadspin, the voices of your everyday, spoiled, snarky,date raping sports fans everywhere


If you're desperate for pictures of a penis then just get a copy of the pic next to Bill Simmons column


Frank Deford Riding The MetroNorth? Frank Deford Riding The MetroNorth.

Frank Deford - SI/Real Sports w/Bryant Gumble: reading the paper while riding the Metro North to Connecticut during the morning commute on Thursday, 9/16.


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