We get a massive amount of tips in our inbox each week. Some are pretty interesting, but don't get published for one reason or another.

It's usually because they're just so absurd or really lack even the most tenuous of news angles to give them the go-ahead. Other times it's because they're just absolute horseshit. But every Friday until we get sick of running them, we'll present to you some of these not-so-shiny gems. All items should be treated as [Sic'd]. Enjoy...


Hanging With Mr. Hovan

chris hovan (tampa bay bucs) likes the ladies...he took the girl home on his right. the girl on his far left is my friend/hookup buddy. i took the pic. enjoy, jeremy


There's A Mole In My Heart That Can Only Be Filled By You


First emailer:

Holy moley we made that photo in last than 5 mins after the end of the game w/out the help of adobe photoshop! POST IT!!


Second emailer: Subject:

Mole at the end of the Celtics - Magic game

Third emailer: Subject:

Holy Moley The Celts Won!

Michael Phelps' Stripper Friend

Some details you may (or may not) want about the Mike Phelps Stripper story thats making the rounds today, I used to work with the gal at a club in West Virginia a couple years back. She got the tits about two-three years ago, then went to Baltimore to work for better money.

Last I heard she was at Ritz Cabaret in Baltimore. Here is her myspace. http://www.myspace.com/spanishgrl .

Don't know if you care, but if you do a follow up post I figured the details might help.

Oh, and she gives a SENSATIONAL lapdance.

At Least Mario Williams Is No Longer Speeding

saw mario williams at a club this week in houston. Apparently he likes his girls big. the girl who was all up on him the whole night was at least 6'2", white, and not skinny, but not too thick either. Also i heard from people who know the family he bought his house from that when he bought the house he paid for it with a suitcase full of cash. BALLIN.


Unapproved Commenter Of The Week: FOXXY PINK

Plaxico set her off apparently

Thought Was I Was About 2 Get Ready 2 Update My Twitter Profile. That Shit Just Crazy Does Anyone Kno How? Got Real Excited Was Gone Really Hook That Shit Up G.Well Fukk It Guess I'll Just Write Mah First FaceBook Note. Followers Of Some Many People On Twitter, But They Don't Kno Me.

Keep On Readin, You Have Nothing Else 2 Do But Kno Whats On Mah Mind. Marion Jones stands up for women.. Plaxico Burress. Got Damn Yall Fired Mah G! Michelle Obama Iz In Oprah Magazine.
Nick Cannon iz just a comedian dont b mad Eminem... Rihanna's in Mah Prayers Leave Her Alone She Simply Crying Out 4 Help. ... Halle Berry iz so Classy just learned Her New Dance.
Congrads Mary J on the Movie Ill Love 2 Work With Tyler Perry Some Day.
Chris Still a Boy Need 2 Grow Up 2 Me. God's The Onli Anwser Pray About It G. Beyonce up in Paris I can't wait to make that trip. Soulja Boy I Love U.. Please Don't Fall Into Beef, Simply Laugh at them Haters G. They See Success in us G. Ciara changed her swagg.. Another Hood Princess I see u G. Twitter Suggested Me 2 Become A Follower of DIDDY.. I need that type of Status. Workin For BadBoy One Day I See MySelf G. "Paper Plane".. I play Loud Mah Faviorte Song Right Now. Love 2 U Meet U M.I.A. ...... Paul Wall Back In Tha Game. Bet U Had Fun Wit That Grill Money.. John Legend I'm Pissed Bout That New York Post Shit 2. Aye this Office Mah Mother Turn Mah Room Into Iz Really Helpin Me Alot. Home From College, Aint UnPackin Shit.. Not Tryin To Get Comfortable In This Bitch.

Too Bad I Can't Find Out To Work Twitter..Just Dont Understand Im Ur Biggest Fan. Blastin UGK right NOW.." The Games Been Good 2 Me".. I Wrote a ReMix Its Funny Ass Can B. So Sorry About Ur Lost R.I.P. Pimp C. This Mah First Day In Detroit Can't Think Of Nothin Else Better 2 Do. Need 2 Go Bakk 2 Workin On Mah Cd so Tru. Mah Fingers hit they Keys n Haven't Stopped Since. Still Can't Figure Out How 2 Work This Shit. Foxxy Pink ain't Giving up, Let Me Ask Jeeves He Always Knows What 2 Do..LMAO! Gucci Mane Still Hot. Track Wit Foxxy Pink, Shid Y nOT!

LIL KIM & TRINA HAS NO TWITTER.. Jus Got Mad!! Kid Cudi feelin yo style. Day & Night Yeah I Kno How U Feel. Keri Hilson did a Song Wit Kanye.. Reall on The Move I Happy 4 u See U dOIN gR8. I've Learned That Real Success Come When Ur Not So Selfish. Tell people nice things, U never kno how They Feel!! Touch Down This Morin So Tired..Mad I Missed Church Today........... IM BAKK Took Short Break Jus Had 2 Dance..Bizzy Body Playin Jus Had 2 Move. Lil Wayne Sky's The Limit Motivate's Me Thru Life. Me & Mah Drink Reminds Me Of My Uncle... R.I.P. Unlce Fred!! Never Forgettin Roxy.. I Lost Mah ChildHood Friend.

Jay-Z married his dream grl.. I Cried! How Nice!! What Up, Nas Haven't Heard From U iN A WHILE.. How's Life? Musiq SoulChild Makes Me Feel So Good!! Wish I Was Tha Grl Next Door In Yo Hood. Why I'm Still Wirtin.. SHID THIS WHAT I DO. Spritually Gift from God. Why Not Use It. Close Mah Eyes n' Tear Of Joy.. Mah Future Iz Success.

Bakk 2 Where I Was.. Madd @ Twitter! Motivated Me 2 Let Every One Kno Im There Biggest Fan. Thanks To Who Eva Came Up With The Idea.. I Kno Feel Like Im Apart Of There Life. ... Tyra Banks, Iman, Kimora Lee Simmon and Alek Wek in Ebony Lookin Fly As They Can B. Lookin At Black People On Top, Sometimes I Cry tears Of Joy. First Time I Could Vote Was For OBAMA..See Change Lives Within Me. Obama kids have their on doll, Makes Me Feel Like A yOUNG bLACK Female.. Iz The Best Thing To B. Made Respect 4 Him, Please Go Teach My Father How 2 B A Dad. If I Could Find A Man Like U I'LL B 2 Glad. We In TMZ, they have nothing better 2 Talk About. Get So Emotional, But WE STARTED AT THE Bottom U Feel Me Now!!

Prayers for Shakir Stewart Family sorry for ur lost. Couldn't Imagine How That Feels. Michelle Davis Balfour Calm Down .. They'll Never Understand Ur Pain. Jus B Patient, God Always Shows Up At Right Tyme. Trust Me I kNO. Isiah Thomas take a break don't stress urself out. Jesse Jackson I totally understand.. OBAMA's PR I'll Love 2 B. All respect but thats not ur Job. Pacman Jones take control over ur anger.. Dont Let It Control U. tAKE a Long Walk Thats What I do. Kimbo Slice I Like Tha Tattoo.. Black Widow Jus Read a book about them Really Learned Alott.

Toni Braxton thats right live ur life no matter what. Mind Over Body.. No Offense But Fukk What Doctors Say. The Spirt Lives With In U.. Jus Had 2 Let U kno! " i walk like this cause i can back it up" LOL.. Beyonce I also Have a Big Ego As U Can C. Dang I Wish Aaliyah was here to .. To Meet Foxxy Pink. " Im From Tha D,G" yeah thats mah first track. Swagg Surfin in my video, Love 2 See Mah People Havin Fun. Biggie "Juicy" in mah head. Hopefully the It Isn't Tru.. Tupac Faked His Death. Thought I Lost That One.. Was Really Sad. Just Dont Find That Cool. U Lost Respect U Once Had.

Meet a Friend Tha West Coast, Put Me On Music I Never Heard. People Need 2 Be More Open. He Made Us All Unique, with in jus tha same.. Hopefully I never run out of paper might jus got write on a wall.Once had a crew of 40 mah pens mah best friend now... Bakk 2 tha Queens n Kings..Foxxy Pink tha Next Princess 2 B. y I sTOP.. Mah Phone Jus Had 2 Ring. Return 2 You All Later.. Prayin On Mah Cussin But we All Have Sins G. To Deliver Tha Messages God. gIVES mE??

Named 42 people, 42 BLESSINGS, I will recive. Success in 42 Weeks, Watch Out For Me! Would Have Jus Turned Twenty, Steady Waitin for Mah Bring Break…Before Yall Kno It Ill b, :::::::::::::::::::::::::::CAMP DIDDY READY!!::::::::::::: 4 Tha Game! Wait Tha Anwsered Just Came 2 Me. He Wouldn't Had Me Typing 4 Nothin….. TRINA said SAY SOMETHING!!


Semi-Heated Email Exchange With A Stranger


I have some information that you might find very interesting, ready ? Here it is. You're a fucking bottom feeder, you're no better then the pond scum that work for the enquirer. Jason Whitlock may be the biggest asshole in the business but he is right about one thing, your site is the lowest of the low.



Thanks Josh! Helluva email.


you're welcome


And what prompted this exactly? Are you just getting around to
Whitlock's column now or did something else aggravate you?



I'm just generally aggravated by the likes of Jason Whitlock, Bill Simmons, Peter Vecsey and sites like yours that exist solely for small minded mean spirited faux journalism. You know, the idea that everything goes and I'm gonna take out my personal beefs and feuds with others in my columns and or on my websites. Is that clear enough for you ? Josh



Not really. Maybe you should lift some weights?


Ha Ha, I play pickup basketball with guys who act like bigger assholes then most sports writers so the weight lifting isn't necessary. I appreciate you getting back to me, most wouldn't even have the decency to do that, However don't you feel that your site maybe sometimes engages in a very mean spirited approach to flushing out news ? To be fair you're no different then anybody else out there but that doesn't necessarily make it right. Just one man's opinion




Thanks for the tip, boss!

Nick Denton
to tips :


"A soccer team composed entirely of Italian fashionistas (Diesel's Renzo Rosso, Lapo Elkann) will play May 16 in Turin: http://cli.gs/0N9YB8"
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